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This minimalist setup packs more than meets the eye [Setups]


新万博彩票登录MacBook Setup: The Pro Display XDR delivers crystal-clear quality.
The Pro Display XDR delivers crystal-clear quality.

At the beginning of the year, the owner of this striking setup decided to start from scratch. He abandoned his two-monitor config and went with something more minimal — the impeccable $6,000, 32-inch . Thats why, for him, scaling down to one monitor is actually an upgrade.

The owner, who asked to be referred to by his Instagram name @canoopsy, uses a 2019 MacBook Pro. He also has a 新万博彩票app下载 iPad Pro, which is as good a sidekick as Andy Richter. He drives things with the venerable Logitech MX Master 3 mouse, which is perfect for multitasking, and his Matias FK418BTB Wireless Keyboard is a great Magic Keyboard impersonator.

A smart speaker is any tech-literate person’s best friend. And for @canoopsy, his Fido is a Lenovo Smart Clock. In addition, two Edifier R12U Bookshelf Speakers add to the minimalist look while only costing $18. With no built-in speakers in the Apple Pro Display XDR, the Edifiers give him the gift of sound.

A Native Union XL 3-Device Wireless Charger allows him to charge his Apple Watch as well as two other Qi-compatible devices on the same roomy charging pad.

The rest of the setup consists of gadgets that simplify his life. A swiveling Nekteck Power Strip is one the most well-designed surge protectors out there. Along with that, a Twelve South USB Hub gives him a ton of charging slots.

A BenQ ScreenBar Task Lamp lights up his setup without any glare. And a Vivo Sliding Track stores his MacBook underneath his desk, freeing up precious desk space.

All of this, as well as a lot of cable management, makes this a pretty cool setup.

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