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Find a lost i新万博彩票平台Phone in the dark by using Apple Watch to light up its camera flash [Pro tip]


新万博彩票登录How to light up i新万博彩票平台Phone's flash from Apple Watch.
Track down an i新万博彩票平台Phone faster at night.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

新万博彩票登录Pro-tip-4Finding a lost i新万博彩票平台Phone isn’t too difficult if you own an Apple Watch. By simply tapping a button in Control Center, you can play a sound that will help you locate your mislaid device. It’s also possible to light up i新万博彩票平台Phone’s LED flash.

The trick can make it easier to find a lost i新万博彩票平台Phone in a dark room. This pro tip will show you how to use it.

A loud noise can be hugely helpful for finding an i新万博彩票平台Phone that’s slipped down the side of the couch or under a seat in the car. But what if you’re hard of hearing, or it’s too dark to see what you’re looking at?

How to light up i新万博彩票平台Phone’s flash with Apple Watch

Try lighting up i新万博彩票平台Phone flash with Apple Watch instead. Here’s how:

  1. Open Control Center on your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap and hold the i新万博彩票平台Phone icon (rather than just tapping).
新万博彩票登录How to light up i新万博彩票平台Phone's flash from Apple Watch.
Don’t just tap — tap and hold.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

In addition to playing a noise, this will cause your i新万博彩票平台Phone’s camera flash to pulse, which could make it easier to see. The flashing stops pretty quickly, so you might need to repeat the above steps a few times.

Sadly, it’s not possible to have i新万博彩票平台Phone’s flash light up without the noise, so this won’t help you track down a lost i新万博彩票平台Phone in the middle of the night without waking everyone up. Nevertheless, it’s still a useful trick.